Cloudera Training Tapas

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2018 February 14th; 13:00 - 17:00

Cloudera in the Cloud. Cloud gives you speed, agility and Self-service.

Cloudera is the modern platform for machine learning and advanced analytics. Combine the two and you get an opportunity to move faster and be more responsive to the needs of the business.

Cloudera can help you put data at the center of your business and drive innovation in the cloud. Perform advanced analytics in the Cloud. Offload your SAP data, data warehouse, relational DB into the Cloud, develop machine learning workloads in the Cloud. Perform ETL and drive new customer insight.

During the Hands-on Workshop you will:

• Provision Cloudera in the Cloud using Cloudera Director

• Manage a Cloudera cluster in the Cloud

• Use Cloud Object Storage with your cluster

Teacher: Andre Molenaar: Partner Pre-Sales Cloudera


Big Industries, Cronos Campus, Veldkant 39, 2550 Kontich

PS: Tapas are served from 13:00, the session starts at 14:00

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