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Belgium Cloudera User Group Meetup

Big Industries, as main sponsor of the Belgium Cloudera User Group, organised on Wednesday May 31st, 2017 a Meetup in our offices at Cronos in Kontich with Big Data Analytics as central topic.

The User Group is aimed at Cloudera Customers and users and everyone who wants to learn more about the Hadoop eco-system. We aim at combining talks about future Hadoop roadmaps with stories from the trenches.

If you would like to participate to the next meetup, please register on the official Meetup Page.

  • Agenda:

    6:30 PM: Welcome and Sandwiches

    7:00 PM: Deploying and running Apache Zeppelin on Cloudera Hadoop

    Apache Zeppelin is a pretty cool tool for advanced data analysis, and building good looking notebooks in Zeppelin is a great way to quickly and easily share insight with your peers.

    But how to get Zeppelin deployed and running in an enterpise environment - where robust data protection mechanisms are essential?

    In this talk, Rob will explain how to set up Apache Zeppelin with Spark 2.0 on a secure, kerberized Cloudera Hadoop cluster which is running Apache Sentry; leveraging kerberos delegation and with LDAP authentication enabled on Zeppelin to ensure that user access privileges and restrictions are correctly respected.

    Speaker: Robert Gibbon, Managing Partner at Big Industries

    7:30 PM: Cloudera Data Science Workbench

    The Cloudera Data Science Workbench is an enterprise data science platform that accelerates analytics projects by providing a familiar environment for model building with self-service access to data in Cloudera Enterprise. It provides a complete solution for data exploration, analysis, modeling, and visualization. It includes powerful features to bring data scientists, analysts, and business teams together.

    Speaker: Michael Gregory: Sales Engineer Manager at Cloudera

    8:15 PM: Real-time Big Data Discovery using Cloudera and Qlik

    Having Qlik applications present Cloudera data via Impala in the form of governed libraries forms a trusted foundation for analysis where any user can build their own analysis or extend the analysis of other existing data streams and applications.

    Speaker: Michael Robertshaw: Alliance Technology Manager at Qlik

    9:00 PM: End of the session

The slides are available for download: Click Here

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