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Cloudera User Group: Big Data analytics

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Belgium Cloudera User Group Meetup

Big Industries, as main sponsor of the Belgium Cloudera User Group, organised on Wednesday May 31st, 2017 a Meetup in our offices at Cronos in Kontich with Big Data Analytics as central topic.

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Apache spark market survey

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Infrastructure as Code: Managing Servers in the Cloud

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Big Data Architectures: beyond hadoop



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Why Do I need a Data Lake?

What is a data lake?

A Data Lake is an enterprise-wide system for storing and analyzing disparate sources of data in their native formats. A Data Lake might combine sensor data, social media data, click-streams, location data, log files, and much more with traditional data from existing RDBMSes. The goal is to break the information silos in an enterprise by bringing all the data into a single place for analysis without the restrictions of schema, security, or authorization. Data Lakes are designed to store vast amounts of data, even petabytes, in local or cloud-based clusters consisting of commodity hardware.

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Emre Sevinç reviews: Cassandra: The Definitive Guide


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