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Hack The Future

On Thursday December 8th Cronos organised their annual Hack The Future Event. This experience-driven hackathon at the unique location of the Fort in Edegem is an unique opportunity for students to get a taste of the inspiring jobs that awaits them. Prizes include job offers, paid trips and new equipment. Eight teams took on the Big Data challenge organised by Big Industries.


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Happy Birthday, Hadoop: Celebrating 10 Years


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Fast Business Intelligence For All with Hadoop and Tableau


Hadoop has forever changed the way we deal with data. Its ability to support parallel processing across disparate and massive data volumes means information that traditionally was beyond an organization’s ability to even attempt to store, let alone analyze, can now be a vital source of insight. From unstructured log files to never-ending clickstream records, Hadoop makes leveraging this data a reality in a scalable and economic way. However, being able to store and access big data is only part of the problem. You still need to make sense of it.

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