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Cloudera Training Tapas: Hands-on with StreamSets

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Are you a Data Consultant, a Data Engineer, a Data Scientist or analist and interested to use a modern Big Data platform? In that case the Cloudera Training Tapas are right for you. We promise you no 'dead by Powerpoint' but lively interaction and Hands-0n workshops. So Register and don't forget to bring your laptop!

2018 March 14th; 13:00 - 17:00: Hands-on with StreamSets

Unlocking the potential of Big Data requires getting consumption-ready data into the enterprise data hub while dealing with constantly-changing sources, consuming applications and business requirements. The StreamSets partnership and technical integrations with Cloudera make it easy to build and operate continuous data flows into Cloudera Enterprise Hub that improve both the speed and quality of downstream analysis.

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Big Data and GDPR: How can this be adressed with Cloudera?


Today, many of our clients are asking how to maintain the delicate balance between maximising usage of data to grow your business on one side, and legal and reputational risk on the other side. The changing regulatory landscape, with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on the horizon, adds a further layer of complexity. The only way to ensure compliance at scale, and drive innovation with data in parallel, is with technological controls to protect sensitive and confidential data.

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Cloudera Training Tapas: Cloudera in the Cloud

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Wrapping multiple backend Hadoop web applications with HAProxy

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Authorizing access to multiple Hadoop applications on different nodes of the cluster can be complex and troublesome for some organizations.

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Cloudera Sessions London

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A delegation of Big Industries recently attended the Cloudera Sessions which took place in the Old Truman Brewery in London. We were looking forward to explore the latest trends in machine learning, analytics and cloud. 

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Hack the future 2017

Big Industries organizes for the third time the Big Data Challenge during the Hack The Future event organized by Cronos on November 30th, 2017.

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