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The Big Industries values, or in other words our DNA, are the fundamental beliefs upon which our business and our behaviors are based. They are the guiding principles for making decisions and are a source of inspiration and motivation.
So what are these values that make the Big Industries culture?


You are Big, if you


Share your wisdom

Be generous in sharing your knowledge. What goes around comes around. Sharing is caring and by sharing our wisdom, we are able to collaborate better as a team and create a closer bond with one another.

Feed our family feel

We are one big team, where there is trust, where we help each other, where we feel at home, where we have fun and are enthusiastic about what we do. And what we value most is showing respect and gratitude to one another.


Dare to grow

At Big Industries we sponsor an environment where people dare to get out of their comfort zone, step up, build their expertise and become a go-to trusted advisor for all things data-driven.


This is our DNA and we want to incorporate these values into everything we do.
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Posted by Matthias Vallaey on Jul 1, 2019 3:42:12 PM

Matthias Vallaey

About the Author

Matthias is founder of Big Industries and a Big Data Evangelist. He has a strong track record in the IT-Services and Software Industry, working across many verticals. He is highly skilled at developing account relationships by bringing innovative solutions that exceeds customer expectations. In his role as Entrepreneur he is building partnerships with Big Data Vendors and introduces their technology where they bring most value.