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Cloudera Training Tapas: Hands-on with StreamSets

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Are you a Data Consultant, a Data Engineer, a Data Scientist or analist and interested to use a modern Big Data platform? In that case the Cloudera Training Tapas are right for you. We promise you no 'dead by Powerpoint' but lively interaction and Hands-0n workshops. So Register and don't forget to bring your laptop!

2018 March 14th; 13:00 - 17:00: Hands-on with StreamSets

Unlocking the potential of Big Data requires getting consumption-ready data into the enterprise data hub while dealing with constantly-changing sources, consuming applications and business requirements. The StreamSets partnership and technical integrations with Cloudera make it easy to build and operate continuous data flows into Cloudera Enterprise Hub that improve both the speed and quality of downstream analysis.

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StreamSets Talk & Demo

On January 18th Robert Gibbon presented at the Streamprocessing.be Meetup at De Persgroep in Brussels. In this talk Rob turned the microscope on StreamSets, a new, open source streaming data ingestion system for the Hadoop ecosystem and friends. Rob gave an overview of this useful tool, guided us through the process of developing a data ingestion pipeline, and looked at options for extending the base functionality. 

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Announcing New partnership with Streamsets


Big Industries recently entered into a partnership with StreamSets. This San Francisco-headquartered company, founded in 2014, has already built up momentum with its open source offering Data Collector.

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Cloudera User Group Meetup

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Big Industries is the main sponsor and driving force behind the Belgian chapter of the Cloudera User Group. This is a group for Cloudera customers and anyone interested in Cloudera solutions in Belgium to network, share best practices, and exchange ideas around the Cloudera Big Data platform and eco-system.

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New Internship: Building Realtime data pipelines with streamsets


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