winner of the APN Star contest




"In my view the winner : still small size, but interesting plays, super focused on AWS, strong management, they are already standard and last but not least part of Cronos, with whom we work already. Also great grow rates on a solid base already, so best return for AWS billings. Worth supporting disproportionaly !"

We are proud to announce that is the winner of the AWS Partner Network (APN) Star Contest. With this contest AWS recognizes their most prominent partners across EMEA who can develop their ever growing business even more rapidly.

We pitched our core offering being "Big Data on AWS" in front of AWS EMEA Partner top management and by bringing a customer case, we explained how our services drive innovation at our customers. We got feedback from experts and senior AWS management. On top of that, we will receive additional focus from the APN partner team in order to increase our visibility and develop a long-run partner relationship with AWS. 

As the winner of the context received 5.000$ credit to be used on the AWS platform.

"Focused and experienced company ready to leverage the strengths of Cronos group."


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Posted by Matthias Vallaey on 27-nov-2017 15:59:54

Matthias Vallaey

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Matthias is founder of Big Industries and a Big Data Evangelist. He has a strong track record in the IT-Services and Software Industry, working across many verticals. He is highly skilled at developing account relationships by bringing innovative solutions that exceeds customer expectations. In his role as Entrepreneur he is building partnerships with Big Data Vendors and introduces their technology where they bring most value.