Big Data Matters


How plays a humble part in fighting COVID-19


Het Vlaams Agentschap Zorg & Gezondheid (VAZG) is responsible for the recognition, licensing and subsidizing of various providers and services for health care, elderly care, home care, residential care, and other forms of care, for facilitating the cooperation and data sharing between these services, for the organization of preventive health services such as vaccinations and screening programs, for the control of infectious diseases, for environmental health monitoring, and for the organization of the Flemish social protection programs.

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Serverless computing explained

Serverless Computing

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Looking for a cool internship? is looking for motivated interns to help us to prepare and build high quality Big Data Reference Architectures for use as accelerator templates for customer projects. The objective of the internship will be to help us to create reusable Big Data Architecture blueprints that can help us rapidly build successful, high quality and robust customer implementations time and again.
The solution will be used to showcase the capabilities of the AWS platform for Big Data scenarios. Thus the solution will form the basis for a technical blog post on our website. As a software consultancy, marketing our knowledge and skills to interested parties is an essential component of our business model; therefore you will be supporting a critical part of our business, and will gain exposure to some state of the art technologies in the process.

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