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Analogue.cloud is looking for motivated interns to help us to prepare and build high quality Big Data Reference Architectures for use as accelerator templates for customer projects. The objective of the internship will be to help us to create reusable Big Data Architecture blueprints that can help us rapidly build successful, high quality and robust customer implementations time and again.
The solution will be used to showcase the capabilities of the AWS platform for Big Data scenarios. Thus the solution will form the basis for a technical blog post on our website. As a software consultancy, marketing our knowledge and skills to interested parties is an essential component of our business model; therefore you will be supporting a critical part of our business, and will gain exposure to some state of the art technologies in the process.
The functional use case (a reporting application) is indeed quite simple, as are many reporting applications with a traditional web based UI, however the stack supporting the use case will not be so trivial, and a speech recognition based interaction model based on Amazon Alexa can also be tricky to set up.
The solution will enable the user to ask where a given phone has been during a given time period, for example "today", "at 4pm", "this afternoon" or "yesterday". Significant Locations must be inferred based on dwell times, and will need to be reverse geocoded against a mapping service such as Google maps. These inferred and reverse geocoded dwell points must be logged to the database. A lambda script to query the database and feed the results to Alexa for readout must be developed using node.js,the Alexa skill's Language model must be set up and the Android library must be developed. 
The cellphone user's identity must be somehow mapped to the device records in a user friendly way, and finally the whole solution must be described in a step by step blog post so that others, potentially less technically minded, can enjoy reading about it and validate the solution for themselves.
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Posted by Matthias Vallaey on 31-aug-2017 13:47:51

Matthias Vallaey

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Matthias is founder of Big Industries and a Big Data Evangelist. He has a strong track record in the IT-Services and Software Industry, working across many verticals. He is highly skilled at developing account relationships by bringing innovative solutions that exceeds customer expectations. In his role as Entrepreneur he is building partnerships with Big Data Vendors and introduces their technology where they bring most value.