Amazon Alexa – The Future of Customer Interaction


Amazon Alexa from is a recent service offering enabling highly advanced customer interaction through spoken word.

The BBC reports that 70% of US citizens using digital assistants, are using Amazon Alexa, which equates to 36m Americans per month. Alexa is also available in the UK and Germany. It’s a matter of time before Alexa comes to Belgium.

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                 Echo                                                          Echo Dot                                                                 Echo Show

The Alexa service is accessed using a device such as the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or Echo Show (or partner devices).


Alexa already enables enterprises to interact with their customers in new and exciting ways, from home automation to delivery services, just by asking:

  • "Alexa, I want to order a pizza from Domino's”
  • “Alexa, ask Mercedes me to lock the car”
  • “Alexa, turn on the living room lights”
  • “Alexa, order an Uber to take me to the theater”
  • “Alexa, what wine goes with goat cheese?”
  • “Alexa, what is my current bank balance?”
  • “Alexa, will my flight be on time?”
  • “Alexa, how do you say ‘house’ in Spanish?

- all integrations that are available today.


As Amazon continues to develop the platform with new interactions, for example conference calling and video-on-demand, even more opportunities become possible.

Here are the key areas were we believe Amazon Alexa will become a key player in customer interaction:

  • Payment services – tell Alexa you want to pay for a product or service using Amazon Pay, both "on-deck" and off.
  • Local services – for example booking a doctor's appointment, ordering a takeaway or booking a home haircut.
  • Enterprise services – for example corporate agenda scheduling and management, messaging, conference call management, time and activity recording
  • Entertainment – calling, videoconferencing, online gaming and augmented reality
  • Travel – plan a trip by tracking flights and check prices

We at believe that Amazon Alexa is the most innovative way to offer new and exciting customer interactions and applications, and we are ready to support our customers through expert consulting in Alexa Skills application design, development and integration.

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Posted by Robert Gibbon on 11-mei-2017 14:05:34

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